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Oil Based Mud Additive

Agro Chemicals

At Proec Energy, we are leading manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality oil-based mud additives and drilling fluid chemicals. Our comprehensive product range includes viscosifiers, primary and secondary emulsifiers, organophilic clays and organoclays. We specialize in providing reliable oil-based drilling mud and a wide array of drilling mud chemicals designed to enhance drilling efficiency. Our advanced mud chemicals and drilling fluid additives ensure optimal performance in various drilling conditions. Additionally, we offer specialized drilling polymers that meet the highest industry standards, making us a trusted partner for all your drilling needs.  

Water Based Mud Additive

Water Based Mud Additive

We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of high-quality water-based mud additives, designed to enhance drilling performance. Our product offerings include our own premium water-based mud additives, ensuring superior drilling fluid properties. We also provide reliable lost circulation materials, crucial for maintaining wellbore integrity. As dedicated shale inhibitor manufacturers, we produce effective solutions to prevent shale swelling and instability. Additionally, our top-grade drilling starch is crafted to improve the efficiency and stability of drilling operations. Trust Proec Energy for all water-based mud additive needs, knowing that every product is manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Commodity Chemicals

Commodity Chemicals
Zinc oxideZinc CarbonateLimeSoda Ash
Caustic SodaCaustic PotashSodium BicarbonateCalcium Chloride
Magnesium OxidePotassium chlorideSodium chlorideCitric Acid
Guar GumSAPPLimePotassium Hydroxide
Cotton Seed HullsPipe LaxCalcioum Carbonate Fine/Medium/CoarseFormic Acid